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25 Weird American Foods That Made People Say, "Ew, But Also Yum?!"

Garlic ice cream, anyone?

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the weirdest food they've actually eaten in the US. Here are the very unique and questionably delicious results.


5. Scrapple and eggs.

l_todd44 / Via

If you don’t know what scrapple is I got the definition from Google for you: scraps of pork or other meat stewed with cornmeal and shaped into loaves for slicing and frying, especially characteristic of eastern Pennsylvania. I promise it tastes really good especially with a little hot sauce.


6. Panfried squirrel.

browntown_homestead / Via

Dress the squirrel then dip in egg wash followed by flour. Sear front and back in hot oil on the stove. Then pop in the oven until cooked through. Not bad. Tastes like rabbit.



8. Chocolate milk made with potato flakes.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / tellsabelle / Via

In Idaho they have chocolate milk that is mixed with potato flakes. It actually tastes like chocolate ice cream. Very weird, but very good!


10. Jell-O salad.

michelle_lateste / Via

We have a family recipe that involves lime Jell-O, shredded cabbage, green peppers, green olives, and sweet pickles all set into a lovely mold. Apparently it was my great, great grandmother's favorite. It is not my favorite for the record.


11. Cheez Whiz spread on toast.

vonrockette2 / Via

It’s hardly crazy, but anyone outside of my family who I talk to about it thinks it’s awfully strange. Cheez Whiz spread on buttered toast with a black cup of coffee is a satisfying breakfast.



13. A banana croquette.

amberrose811 / Via

They're bananas dipped in Miracle Whip and rolled in crushed peanuts. I had them all the time at family gatherings as a kid. But the whole combination itself is just weird.


14. Deep-fried rattlesnake.

legendofmikeyg / Via

When I used to live in southern Arizona we used to go to this mock old western town called “Rawhide.” In their restaurant, they served up deep-fried rattlesnake and also, on the platter, was the severed rattler so you could take it home with you. It tasted like chewy fried chicken.



17. Fried frog legs.

gbenderhunter / Via

In Texas there’s a private school rivalry called "The Iron Skillet" between TCU and SMU. As a tradition, every year before the big football game, SMU serves their students fried frogs for lunch to “fry the frogs” because TCU is the Hornfrogs. Frog really does taste like chicken to me.



20. A garbage plate.

It's a staple in every Rochester, NY diet. Two burgers on top of mac salad and home fries topped with a spicy meat sauce. (Optional: beans and onions) Add some ketchup/mustard and mix it all together. It looks gross, but tastes sooooo good.


23. Boiled peanuts.

twintravel / Via

The texture is so satisfying and there are two main flavors: Cajun and plain. I wish I could get my hands on them here in NY, but they only seem to be available down south. If you're in a gas station (that's mainly where they're sold) and you see them, give them a try and thank me later.



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