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    21 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Wegmans

    Wegmans will double manufacturer's coupons.

    1. The colored plastic and dots over the price labels actually mean something.

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    It depends on the store, but the red tags can mean the item has another location and the blue tags mean there's more of the item in the back, for example.

    2. Their weekly coupons for specific items will still work whether you buy that product or not.

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    According to one employee on Reddit, "At first I thought they were just lenient with the products you had to purchase but I've come to realize that they really just scan."

    3. In fact, their digital coupons are always for commonly-used products.

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    Don't forget those coupons!

    4. And they'll double any manufacturer's coupon valued at $.99 or less.

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    There are a couple rules to this perk — you can't double the coupon if it exceeds retail price and you can only use manufacturer's coupons on four of the same product, per day. Sorry extreme couponers!

    5. The best time to shop there (and for most grocery stores) is Sunday mornings.

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    Better lines and produce!

    6. But they provide free samples every Saturday.

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    YES, that is a Royal Wedding themed display. :-D

    7. They'll actually cut any fruits and veggies for you — you just have to ask!

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    According to New Jersey Family, you can bring any item to their cutting counter and they will do it for you.

    8. The doughnuts are not made in-house.

    9. Their cheese is so good because they have state-of-the-art cheese caves to "mimic" the environments of European cheese caves.

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    The special, climate-controlled structure is near Rochester, NY.

    10. Love sushi, but don't see what you like? They'll make special requests just for you. / Via

    Yup, they'll be happy to make whatever roll or package you want.

    11. Look out for the items with yellow tags — those are the ones on sale.

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    This, according to a Reddit AMA.

    12. They turn over produce selection 100 times a year compared to most supermarkets who do it just 18 to 20 times a year.

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    Which explains why it seems so extra fresh!

    13. They actually hire culinary chefs to make their (very popular) in-house food!

    Now hiring Culinary professionals! From Line Cook, Prep Cook, to Sous Chef, explore the new Natick @Wegmans' job openings via the link below. #DoWhatYouLove

    Wegmans / Via Twitter: @BostonChefsJobs


    14. Wegmans' prices are generally lower than most grocery store chains.

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    An independent study said that their prices were "13% lower than average prices found at Giant and Safeway."

    15. And Wegmans brand products are just as good as the brand names, but obviously cheaper — so, don't miss out!

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    According to fans, their "generic" brand foods rival brand names.

    16. But if you're unsatisfied with your product for some reason, they have a very good return policy.

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    One shopper told PopSugar they were able to return things without a receipt, no questions asked.

    17. There's always a florist on hand to make any arrangement you want and need.

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    No need to to resort to a pre-made carnation mix anymore! JK, they got great pre-made bouquets, too.

    18. If you're interested in working there, know that it's actually very hard to get a job at Wegman's.

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    For example, in 2013, when a new store opened in Pennsylvania, they received 10,000 applications for only 500 available positions.

    19. And employees actually get fun perks like discounted movie tickets, theme park tickets, and gym memberships.

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    And if you're a full-time employee you get health and dental insurance plus vacation time.

    20. They also offer a scholarship of up to $8,800 (over four years) for employees going to college.

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    They've apparently given out nearly $100 million in scholarships since 1984.

    21. And finally, fun fact: The logo is ~supposed~ to have an apostrophe — in fact, it used to have one until 1931, when they stopped using it to "simplify" the logo.

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    Keepin' it simple since 1931.