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    29 Wedding Horror Stories That Will Shock The Heck Out Of You

    "The naked best man climbed onto a table and danced while the bride's grandmother spanked his ass repeatedly."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing they ever witnessed at a wedding. Here are the horrifying stories they told.

    1. The groom who peed all over the dance floor...and more.

    2. The best man who revealed he once dated the bride.

    At a wedding a few years ago the best man got up to give his speech and all appeared normal. That is until he mentioned that he knew the groom (his little brother) was getting a loving and supportive partner in his new bride...because he had dated her a few years prior.


    3. The embarassing speech from mom.

    My family is very religious except for my mother who is much more liberal. She got very drunk and did a speech where she told my husband and I to make love often. Great advice! But wrong place and time. My poor father looked so embarrassed he grabbed the microphone from her. I still have people talking about it.


    4. The mother-of-the-groom who was not too happy.

    The mother-of-the-groom literally got up, pushed the bride out of the way and told the groom "[the bride's] not good enough for you, I set you up on eight dates this month and they're all perfect!" And then she continued to drunkenly scream at them. It was especially crazy because the families had been friends for decades.


    5. The family fistfight.

    My cousin's wedding: the groom's drunk brother got into a fistfight with the bride's teenage son during the reception...which was held on church property.


    6. The mother-of-the-groom and father-of-the-bride caught in a scandalous situation.

    While I was out of town visiting a friend we went to the wedding of her co-worker. I didn't know anyone there so I was wandering around the reception hall and walked in on an older couple in a 'compromising situation.' Luckily, they didn't notice me. I thought that was going to be the end of the story, but later on during the reception they each had to give a toast because SHE WAS THE MOTHER OF THE GROOM AND HE WAS THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE!!!!!!! I've never told anyone what I saw and I don't know if their kids ever found out.


    7. The bride whose dress caught on fire.

    8. The guest in a Pac-Man themed suit.

    I work as part of the banquet staff at a wedding venue and at one wedding in particular we had a very high maintenance and controlling bride who yelled about the littlest details. One of the guests showed up in — I kid you not — a Pac-Man themed suit. She started hysterically crying as the reception started after she saw him for the first time and then started screaming and kicked him out of the reception. Quietest reception ever after that.


    9. The drunk ex-uncle who caused a scene.

    A drunk ex-uncle showed up to my cousin's wedding, and made her dance with him, interrupting the bride and grooms' first dance (he was not invited).


    10. The horse that was not here for any of it.

    The bride and groom wanted pictures with a horse. They decided to put the bride on the horse but didn't count on the horse tossing the bride. The horse then stomped on the maid of honor. By the time the ceremony started, the bride's dress was covered in grass stains and the maid of honor had a broken foot.


    11. The best man who gave everyone an X-rated show.

    The best man came out of the bathroom in only his trousers and suspenders. He proceeded to strip tease until he was completely naked. He then climbed onto a table and, with his junk tucked, danced for the guests while the bride's grandmother spanked his ass repeatedly.


    12. The bridesmaid whose hair caught on fire.

    During the reception my bridesmaid had a little too much to drink. She wasn't looking where she was going and backed up into a candle with her very long, very hair-spray covered hair. She burnt her dress and her butt-length hair up to her shoulders. And we all know how good burnt hair smells.


    13. The bride who had an allergic reaction to her makeup.

    14. The minister who kept on saying the wrong name.

    My ex-boyfriend was marrying his girl Amanda. The minister marrying them knew me and my ex but not the wife to be. The ENTIRE wedding she inserted my name "Joy" into the the places in the ceremony where she should have used "Amanda." I wanted to die and of course Amanda wanted to kill me but naturally I was in the front row and couldn't make a graceful exit.


    15. The groom who pre-gamed too hard and was wasted during the ceremony.

    Recently at a wedding I was in, a family friend of the groom must have been pregaming early in the day because by the time the wedding began at 5 p.m he was completely wasted. During the entire ceremony he would be yelling and cheering on all of us in the wedding party as we walked down the aisle. Worst part was that there was a videographer not too far from him trying to film the ceremony. We later found him asleep in the bushes outside during the cocktail hour.


    16. The wedding party that got into a fight with another wedding party.

    The entire male wedding party (plus a few guests) got into a huge brawl outside the venue with another wedding party. This included both the grooms and father- of-the-groom from the wedding I attended. It started because someone bumped into "our groom's'" mom and didn't apologize. Father of the groom then said something and it turned into about a 24-person brawl.


    17. The flower girl who peed herself.

    I was actually the culprit to causing a wedding disaster. I was a flower girl in my aunt and uncle's wedding and during the ceremony while I was standing up front with the bridesmaids, I proceeded to pee myself. All over my white dress and white stockings. In my defense I kept telling the maid of honor I had to go.


    18. The woman who accidentally ripped the bride's dress.

    19. The drunk mother-of-the-bride who lifted the bride's dress up way too high.

    The bride and groom were walking back down the aisle when the bride's drunk mother ran up behind her and lifted her dress up giving the guests a full shot of the poor bride's rear end...


    20. The wedding party who got bathwater.

    We set up our entire beautiful reception and were just about to head out to get our hair done for the ceremony, when all of a sudden the ceiling gave way and the room began to flood with the steaming water. Someone above us had fallen asleep with their bathtub running. We had to use big painters' buckets to toss the water out of the room and into the waterfall outside. Our wedding party had to redo the setup as a result. The best part was the irony of the fact that the room was called the River Room. We can laugh at it now, but it was a disaster at the time!


    21. The wedding DJ who got arrested on the way to the venue.

    At my sister's wedding, she paid the DJ half before the wedding then was going to pay the other half after. He ended up coming by saying he needed the other half for equipment so we paid him. He was running super late to the ceremony, and eventually called and said he had gotten arrested for not wearing a seat belt. Come to find out he was arrested for drugs of some kind that he used our money for! So we had to improvise by finding some speakers and plugging a phone in and hoping they'd be loud enough!


    22. The bride who got covered in ants.

    While my husband and I were taking family photos, I apparently stepped on an ant hill. Thousands of ants crawled into all 10 layers of the bottom of my dress. My parents and bridesmaids tried to pick out all the ants — we even tried to get a hair dryer to blow them out — but when I finally took my dress off at the end of the night, hundreds of ants fell out in the shower.


    23. The husband who had to wait at the altar longer than he bargained for.

    My grandfather, who was officiating, forgot to have me enter. Someone had to remind him halfway through the ceremony while my husband was standing at the altar...alone.


    24. The wedding that was so hot it melted the cake.

    25. The mother-of-the-bride who had a dramatic accident right before the ceremony.

    We were at the hotel taking pictures before the ceremony and my mother tripped over my veil and fell. She hit her forehead with a chair. Needless to say, blood everywhere. My husband was waiting for me at the altar. Literally. I had to call him while having a complete mental breakdown, thinking I had killed my mother on my wedding day and try to explain that we were "running a bit late." We made it just fine in the end, but after that horrible scene, I almost felt sedated and the ceremony was a piece of cake.


    26. The bridesmaid from hell.

    One of my bridesmaids got super drunk. She knocked over my two-year-old niece (and flower girl) who started crying which really pissed off my sister (the maid of honor). This bridesmaid also disappeared for a large part of the reception and ended up hooking up with (loudly I might add) one of the groomsmen. My sister had to go kick them out of an upstairs room when the wedding was over...oh, and she had come with a boyfriend. The next day at breakfast it was all anyone could talk about. Major thunder stolen. We are no longer friends, if you're wondering!


    27. The uncle who got drunk, half-naked, and ~danced~.

    My uncle got completely plastered at our open bar and then demanded the attention of the entire dance floor. Everyone stopped and stared as he pulled his trousers all the way down, walked backwards and called it "the Moonwalk."


    28. The bride who got bird poop in her hair.

    I had a bird poop in my hair during our wedding pictures. The worse part is I felt something and our photographer just cringed and said it was a leaf. Thank God, I had helpful bridesmaids who have to scrape it out with their fingers. Ugg.


    29. The bride who got into a shitty situation...literally.

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