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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    17 Creepy Old Halloween Costumes With Prices That Will Truly Scare You

    You'll be glad you kept that old Chewbacca mask.

    Hey, remember back in the day when Halloween costumes looked like this?

    Jennifer Rogers / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: spookytreasures

    And remember sweating because that plastic definitely did not breathe???

    Originally, these creepy masks and cheap vinyl sack things were created by Ben Cooper as affordable Halloween costumes. But today, they go for quite a bit more...

    1. Dream Glow Barbie, $99.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Less a dream, more a nightmare.

    2. The Flash, $495.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    In case you weren't sure who it was, there's his name. Twice.

    3. Skeletor, $129.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Complete the look with your own scrawny child arms!

    4. The Green Hornet $799.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    No word on how much Kato costs.

    5. Muppet Babies Miss Piggy, $89.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Good luck getting all those plastic wrinkles out.

    6. Chewbacca, $207.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Somewhere George Lucas is planning a CG revamp of that fur.

    7. Wonder Woman, $50.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Wonder what those soulless eyes are thinking?

    8. Lady Lovely Locks, $129.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    If the kids from The Purge decided to do rainbow hair.

    9. Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, $200.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    You damn, dirty costume.

    10. Captain America, $175.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    No extra charge for the stains.

    11. Morticia Addams, $149.95

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    Don't recall her necklace looking like the Bacardi logo though...

    12. Dr. Strange, $499.99

    Ben Cooper, INc. / Via

    Strange would actually be the nicest way to put this.

    13. Dr. Doom, $199.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    "Give me all your caaaaaaandy!!"

    14. Cleopatra (with a gilded face?!), $100.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    How Viserys Targaryen.

    15. The Joker, $250.00

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    HA HA HA

    16. Donald Duck, $69.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    "I'm in a cardboard box of emotions!!"

    17. And finally, Captain Stubing (yes, CAPTAIN STUBING) from The Love Boat, $129.99

    Ben Cooper, Inc. / Via

    The poor child who had to wear this one. :-(

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