16 Unholy Pizzas That Will Probably Upset You (But Not Me)

    Beef Wellington–stuffed crust? Yeah, I'd eat that.

    1. This pizza has an illegible message, but I'd still eat it.

    2. Yeah, I'd even eat this Frankensteined mess.

    3. And this abomination.

    4. Because, here's the thing, I'm trash. Like this mess.

    5. And yeah, I'd fuck with weird toppings like kiwi.

    6. Even ones that would cause my heart to skip a beat...or 10.

    7. Did I mention that I would seriously try any kind of pizza? I'd definitely try this.

    8. Heck, I don't even really need the sauce. I'd try this, too.

    9. Pickle pizza? Good to go.

    10. Giant BUBBLE on a pizza? What's not to love?

    11. "Pizza" on a cracker is borderline, but I'll let it pass.

    12. Ikea as a pizza also sounds like it'd be pretty good. Not gonna lie.

    13. LMAO, this one is a combination of two things I love. So YEAH, I'm gonna try it.


    15. Look, let's be real: Any pizza is great pizza and worth trying, even if only once...

    16. ...except for this. This is just a fucking mess.

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn and r/funny.