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"Twin Peaks" Was So Extra Crazy And Beautiful Last Night That Fans Lost Their Damn Minds

David Lynch: "Hold my coffee."

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As anyone who saw last night's episode of Twin Peaks ("Gotta light?") will know, it do you say...FUCKING CRAZY. In a wonderfully Lynchian way, of course.


And fans had VERY STRONG reactions.

Some fans felt like they had just witnessed the most beautiful thing to ever grace the small screen. And, I mean, they're not WRONG.

Like, LITERALLY, even the director of the next Star Wars film, Rian Johnson, was completely captivated:

But, mostly, fans just could not wrap their heads around what they saw...

...not that that stopped them from having a good ol' laugh.

At the very least, fans finally understood what one Showtime exec meant by calling the new Twin Peaks "the pure heroin version of David Lynch.”

The Twin Peaks fandom right now:

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