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16 Tweets About Boyfriends And Husbands That Are Funny As Fuuuuuck

"My boyfriend used my nipple clamps to save the Hot Cheetos he got me."

1. This boyfriend who didn't really ~get~ the memo.

2. This husband who likes drama.

3. This husband who just wants to save a few bucks.

4. This husband who knows he can rely on his wife to get him out of a pinch.

5. This husband who's about to get looped into THAT conversation.

6. This boyfriend who knows the way to any person's heart.

7. This husband who just needs to take a few steps back.

8. This husband who knows the true meaning of pain.

9. This husband who prepared for the worst in, actually, a very cute way.

10. This husband who just came to an interesting realization.

11. This boyfriend who probably shouldn’t write a dating book.

12. This husband who needs to get his mind out of the gutter.

13. This boyfriend who has a good grasp on reality.

14. This husband who learned a lot from his wife.

15. This husband who should be named "King of Dad Jokes."

16. And, finally, this boyfriend who is not only thoughtful, but also resourceful.