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19 Travelers Who Went Too Far

And you thought your flight was rough.

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1. This pedicure perfectionist who's killing time and stinking up the gate.

*Plugs nose.*

2. And this nail trimming traveler who needs to cut it out. Seriously.

Would you like peanuts, pretzels or nail clippings?

3. This person who thinks their seat back pocket is a shoe rack.

News flash: it's not.

4. This traveler who actually placed their feet inside the seat pocket.

"Honey, my in flight magazine smells like feet."


5. Which is only marginally better than whoever left this used diaper in their seat back pocket.

"Well my in flight magazine smells like shit. Literally."

6. This flexible soul who's confused their head with their feet.

That can't possibly be good for your back.

7. And this traveler who's doing the same, but with sole.

Still not okay.

8. This person who thinks the tray table doubles as a foot rest.



9. And this person who kept their shoes on because clearly the tray table is dirty.

'Cause you know, people put their feet on there!

10. The traveler who let this work of art happen.

"I'd prefer a seat with Crayola art, thank you."

11. And whoever let this tray table mosaic happen.


12. This traveler who left their own abstract work of garbage art behind.

Is this a dumpster or a plane?


13. This exercise enthusiast who's transformed the aisle into a gym.

Seven minute abs!

14. This customer whose comfort is more important than your bladder.

Perhaps there's a toll?

15. This lusciously locked traveler whose hair is the only entertainment anyone needs.

"It's okay, my screen wasn't working anyway."

16. And this person who seriously needs to get a grip.

"Yay, it's The Hand Show! My favorite!!"


17. This traveler who needs a serious reminder that they're not at home.

At least their seat belt is on?

18. This traveler who wants you to know you're inhaling their recycled sweaty shoe air.

Now would be a good time for that oxygen mask.

19. And this overeager traveler who's determined to get their luggage before you.