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    Posted on May 3, 2017

    This Little Girl Showing Off Her New Sports Blade To Friends Is So Cute It Hurts

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

    Anu is a 7-year-old from the UK who recently got a brand new prosthetic sports blade.

    @bbcmtd / Twitter: @bbcmtd

    And this video of her showing it off to friends at school is so incredibly sweet and pure that you'll probably shed a tear (or two thousand):

    Anu is seven and goes to school in Birmingham. Look what happened when she showed her friends her new sports blade.…

    Anu's classmates were clearly very happy to see her back at school (THAT HUG!).

    @bbcmtd / Twitter: @bbcmtd

    And, in no time, they were all back to having fun on the playground, too.

    @bbcmtd / Twitter: @bbcmtd

    According to the BBC, Anu's leg had to be amputated shortly after she was born.

    Typically, she wears a regular prosthetic leg, but this sports blade was commissioned specially to give her more "freedom." Anu explained that she is really loving this new sports blade because, "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster."

    Did you hear that? STREET. DANCING.

    Comedy Central /

    Bye. Gotta go dig myself a grave now because the cuteness has officially killed me.

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