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    This Teacher's Snapchat Will Make Anyone Who Feels Old Say, "This Is So Me"

    Painfully relatable.

    Jerad Gardner, MD, is a pathologist at the University of Arkansas. He's also a good teacher who REALLY tries to connect with his young students by ~speaking~ their language...

    jmgardnermd / Via

    ...that is to say, he just started using Snapchat for his classes, and well:

    jmgardnermd / Via


    ::Whispers:: "Ugh, same though."

    Gardner explained, "My goal is to share good medical knowledge. Best way to do that is to post in the format people like to receive info from. My students, use Snapchat so I figure I should try."

    And here's a look at some of Gardner's other fabulous snaps, too. Like this...uh, virus? Cell? IDK, just look at it!

    Jerad Gardner

    He's making new hashtags!

    And these...fibers? Am I saying that right?

    Jerad Gardner

    This looks pretty. Not sure if it's meant to be, but it is.

    Let's just all agree that this is one teacher who deserves an A for effort (and tech savvy).

    jmgardnermd / Via

    "One of my #Medstudents turned my old Mouvember mustache pic into a meme. Honored! (but also cringing)."

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