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This Is The Greatest Doughnut You've Never Had

Time to pack your bags, and head to Glendora, California.

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It is an indisputable fact that humans love doughnuts.

Fox / Via

Like, obsessively so.

Whether they're perfectly glazed...

"Hot doughnuts!"
Krispy Kreme / Via

"Hot doughnuts!"

...or a regional fave.

Dunkin' Donuts / Via


But unless you live within the greater Los Angeles area, chances are you've never had a strawberry doughnut from The Donut Man in Glendora, California.


It is absolutely the greatest doughnut humankind has ever known.


Not only is it picture perfect...

"Sorry, gotta Insta this."

...and totally ginormous...

"Look ma, one hand!"

...but the strawberries are SO FRESH, that the juice literally oozes everywhere into a supersweet mess of goodness.

Not enough napkins in the world, but WHO CARES!

People will literally line up around the block for these bad boys.

This is one thing actually worth a wait in line.

And legitimately get upset when they miss out.


Which is not a surprise because these miracles are only made seasonally to ensure the freshest quality of strawberries.

Mark your calendars!

Sure, you could try another one of the Donut Man's amazing flavors.

Literally tastes like apple pie, but in doughnut form.

But why would you, when you're faced with the magic that is the strawberry doughnut?

"BRB, heading out to Glendora."

Even celebrities cannot resist the power of the strawberry doughnut.

"Save us some, will ya, Alton?"

So, what are you waiting for?

"Do it."

Now is the time to hop in the car...

Or plane, or bike, or whatever, just get there!

...and treat yo' self.

Because you deserve it.

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