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    This Amazing Site Will Instantly Transport You Back To Childhood

    Running circles around boredom.

    Remember playing with one of these bad boys when you were a kid?

    Hasbro / Via

    Particularly if you were more of an "indoor enthusiast."

    It was called a Spirograph, and it was kind of the greatest.

    Hasbro / Via

    Even the box was cool.

    There have been a lot of versions of it over the years...

    Hasbro / Via

    So... many... shapes.

    ...and now, thanks to the retro lovin' Gods, you can play it online too.

    Crystal Ro / Nathan Friend / Via

    Like being hypnotized, amirite?

    Just choose your gear, a color, and off you go!

    Crystal Ro / Nathan Friend / Via

    Beautiful art in a matter of seconds.

    You can even save your designs to hang up on the refrigerator later.

    Crystal Ro / Via

    No lost pieces, no clean-up...perfection.

    Now get circlin', have some fun, and share your designs with us below!