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17 Thirtysomethings Who Have This Whole Weekend Thing Figured Out

There's more than one type of three-way, FYI.

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1. This thirtysomething who ~really~ knows how to use their hands on Friday nights.

"I'd like to buy a vowel. O, as in the sound I made your mother make last night."

2. Or this thirtysomething who likes their Fridays kinda rough.

"Mr. Grey will see you now...if you're still awake."

3. This thirtysomething who knows just where to stick it in for an extra hot Friday night.

Faster please.

4. Or this thirtysomething who's having a VERY exclusive party.

Sorry, this is a "family only" event.

5. This 30-year-old whose weekend beauty regimen starts with a facial.

Money shot.

6. These thirtysomethings who are obsessed with blowing things up.

You destruction-loving maniacs, you.

7. And this thirtysomething who knows how to have a proper three-way.

Already in bed.

8. These thirtysomethings who are done with mind games.

And into actual games.

9. This thirtysomething who likes to do a little experimenting on the weekends.

Open to anything really.

10. These thirtysomethings who are willing to take a financial risk on weekends.

And an indigestion risk too.

11. This thirtysomething who's really into private shows when Saturday night rolls around.

Lights on too? Kinky.

12. This 30-year-old who has the remedy for a hangover down pat.

Oh, and Pedialyte helps too I guess.

13. This thirtysomething who ain't afraid to dive into a little fantasy now and again.

No one's looking — go for it.

14. This thirtysomething whose Sunday afternoon includes ~clearing the pipes~.

He'll need a long nap after this.

15. Or this thirtysomething who unwinds with her favorite "me time" accessory.

Super smooth going down.

16. These thirtysomethings who are into the group thing.

Hot. Literally.

17. And this thirtysomething who's open to anything, including a really good cry, come Sunday night.

Because they have to wait a week before they can enjoy it all again.

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