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    Posted on Jul 28, 2015

    21 Thoughts On Being A Thirtysomething As Told By Tumblr

    "Realizing I am older than any of the characters on Friends."

    1. This outward and inward juxtaposition of turning 30:

    2. This understanding about the development of life struggles:

    3. This important reminder on your milestone birthday:

    4. This realization of how fashion is just one giant cycle:

    5. This advice anyone under 30 should heed:

    6. These graphs that perfectly illustrate what life is like after turning 30:

    7. This photo that shows how the term "pre-game" changes as you get older:

    8. This simple, yet highly relatable poem:

    9. This ideal weekend night in:

    10. This frank explanation of what your weekend nights (and weekday nights) consist of:

    11. This questionable thought while grocery shopping:

    12. This simple clarification from an experienced thirtysomething:

    13. This appreciation of the simple things in life:

    14. This oh-so-relatable reaction:

    15. This absolute truth about naps in your thirties:

    16. This grim realization when you settle in for a night with Netflix:

    17. This visualization of expectations vs. reality:

    18. This personal pep talk:

    19. This perfect illustration of what it's like when you go out:

    20. This wearable way to continue your lies:

    21. And this gentle reminder about the dangers of the internet:

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