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21 Little Details You Probably Missed In "The Fifth Element"

Leeloo-k at all these details!

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1. The hieroglyphs at the beginning of the movie only have five lines each, while Leeloo's tattoo has six lines each.

2. The "present" year, 2263, is about 49 years.

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According to these on-screen calculations it should be 2214 not 2263 like it says on Korben's ticket.


8. The fact that this dude has really thick eyeglasses even though he works in a lab that can actually build entire bodies from almost nothing.


10. The "65 Trillion Served" marked on the side of the McDonald's delivery truck.

McDonald's actually stopped updating the number sold in 1994 at 99 billion, three years before the release of this movie.


15. The Brooklyn Bridge beyond Mr. Kim's flying boat/lunch spot.

Columbia Pictures

Which, based on the angle of this shot, means Korben probably lives somewhere in Brooklyn Heights?

17. Famous '90s model Ève Salvail, who was one of many fashion models to make a cameo in the film.

Jean Paul Gaultier designed the iconic costumes for this film, which probably explains why Ève and many other models appear in the film.

20. These "hieroglyphs" inside the hidden temple chamber which are really just blocky shapes and not Egyptian hieroglyphs (like the rest of the temple) at all.

21. And finally, this annoying light stick that Korben and co. just left standing there, thus ruining an otherwise perfectly symmetrical, framed shot.

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