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21 Things You Can't Get Away With When You Have Small Boobs

Curse the strapless bra that NEVER STAYS IN PLACE.

1. You can't wear a strapless dress without spending the entire time hoisting it up.

2. And you can't wear full-coverage bras without experiencing the dreaded bra cup gap.

3. You can't wear tight shirts if you're bloated because your stomach will stick out at much as your boobs.

4. You can't lie down without your boobs totally disappearing.

5. You can't rely on a bikini top with padding to dry quickly after a swim.

6. And you usually can't find a bikini set that fits well on the top AND bottom.

7. You can't go braless in certain T-shirts without looking like an ironing board.

8. And you can't wear low-cut shirts without flashing your bra.

9. You can't ever wear chicken cutlets without them falling out or readjusting themselves in a weird position.

10. And while it's nice to have your boobs stay in place when you're wearing a sports bra, you can't rock it without it making your boobs look even flatter.

11. You can't catch food that falls down your shirt with your boobs because it just goes straight through to your stomach.

12. And you can't store your phone in your bra because it'll only fall through to your lap.

13. You can't bend over in a loose top because everyone will see down your shirt.

14. You can’t buy certain dress cuts because they’re ALWAYS loose on top.

15. You can't wear a strapless bra without it sliding down to your waist 10 times a day...

16. You can't make it through the day without your bra riding up OVER your boobs in some bras.

17. You can't hide the "truth" on a date once your padded bra comes off.

18. You can't contour them to make them look bigger without getting a SHIT TON of makeup all over your clothes.

19. You can't stuff your bra without the tissue getting sweaty.

20. You can't work out without worrying your boobs will be the first thing to go.

21. And finally, you can't walk past a bra ad without society telling you big boobs are sexy.