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18 Ridiculous Things That Will Make Most Women Both Laugh And Cringe

"Who named them Kegels and not puss-ups?"

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1. When it feels like your vagina is messing with you:

gothshakira / Via Instagram: @gothshakira

2. When you're not sure why it feels like you're leaking:

3. When you realize how weird this situation is:

4. When you just can't help yourself once a month:

5. When you get to that age where a little bit of pee just happens sometimes:

6. When motherhood turns out to be as much of a bitch as a period:

7. When you die a little bit inside because your partner is just so, so off (but, thanks for asking?):

8. When real life inspires real fun:

9. When you experience one of these bad boys for the first time:

10. When you wish vagina exercises had a better name:

11. When you think your period is done, but:

12. When you have to do the ~minor adjustment~ dance:

13. When you realize you actually have a sixth sense:

14. When living in the future proves...interesting:

http://iron._.maiden / Via

15. When your period decides to show up completely unannounced:

16. When your priorities are very set:

17. When you have a conversation with someone who is unnecessarily uncomfortable:

18. And finally, when you can't help but see yourself in art: