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    This Is What Summer Actually Used To Look Like

    SPF 4 should do it.

    1. When you took a refreshingly light break to quench your thirst.

    2. When the smell of these bad boys filled the air again.

    3. When you took a more action-oriented approach to cooling down.

    4. When you were actually afraid of getting splashed with water.

    5. When you wanted to carry the smell of summer on you all day long.

    6. When you dreamed of the most delicious way to cool down.

    7. When you transformed your backyard into a super fun oasis.

    8. When you wanted to tune the family out on a particularly long vacation.

    9. Or when you needed more entertainment than basic car games.

    10. When this was basically considered sunblock.

    11. When you wanted to take cosmetic advantage of all the sun's glorious rays.

    12. When you let your imagination run wild at the beach.

    13. When even your favorite fast food joints catered to the time of year.

    14. When you knew one of the best ways to kill time at home was on the driveway.

    15. When you needed to tame those flyaways to achieve the perfect summer look.

    16. When you wanted a practically foolproof way of playing catch.

    17. When you opted to spend a little quality time indoors.

    18. When you took your first summer ~road trip~.

    19. When you got a chance to express your creativity out on the stoop.

    20. When you decided to sit back, relax, and take a break from all the fun-in-the-sun.

    21. And when you took a ~selfie~ to remember all the fun you had that summer.

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