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24 Kinda Funny Things That Will Make Girls Say, "Yup, I Do That"

Most girls, anyway.

1. You’ve inspected your butt in the mirror right before a shower because you never get a good look at it.

2. You’ll happily wear the same pair of jeans for several days in a row.

3. In fact, you HATE washing them because then the shape gets all messed up.

4. You’ve spent a good amount of time digging out ingrown pubes.

5. You’ve worked a messy bun for days in a row, either because your hair was a *little* dirty or you couldn’t be bothered styling it — and hey, it’s so chic.

6. Or, if you’ve got short hair, rocked a beanie or scarf all week long.

7. You'd happily live in your sports bra (or no bra!) forever...

8. ...and your leggings, too.

9. And even though you should learn from past mistakes, you always try to pull off that random bit of skin from your finger, resulting in nearly taking off the skin of your entire hand.

10. And let’s not talk about getting dead skin off chapped lips. The worst.

11. You’ve got days when your bathroom turns into a spa: bath bomb, face mask, body scrub…

12. …but on other days you can barely be bothered to shower.

13. When you shave you ALWAYS miss that ONE patch of hair on your ankle.

14. And there’s at least one scar on or near your heel where you nearly cut off your entire foot while shaving.

15. You’ve kept your pants on while trying on a dress in a store because it was too much effort to take off your shoes AND pants.

16. And you've ordered things online in three different sizes because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

17. You’ve ripped out an excessive amount of hair while detangling after a shower.

18. You’ve played with your belly on many occasions — rolling it around, kneading it into different shapes.

19. You’ve inspected your Bioré pore strip hoping to see some HUGE tree-like oily bits.

20. You’ve walked around with a skirt accidentally tucked into your underwear.

21. You've survived wearing a bra that dug into your body in super-annoying places (and, you know, left annoying red marks!).

22. You enjoy spending evenings on the sofa binging Netflix or watching the latest season of The Bachelorette with a glass of wine...or two.

23. Or going out. (Hey, a girl can do both!)

24. And finally, at least once in your life you've heard someone say, "You're not like other girls," and all you've wanted to say is, "Actually, I am...and it's great."