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19 Things People With Vaginas Do That They Feel *Slightly* Guilty About

Flushing a tampon down the toilet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. Bleeding on someone else's sheets.

2. Bleeding so much that is soaks through to the mattress, but sleeping on it anyway because who the fuck can buy a new mattress?

3. Flushing a tampon down the toilet.

4. Or putting a super, super used tampon or pad in a friend's trash can.

5. Accidentally getting blood under the toilet seat lid...

6. ...or on the floor/wall.

7. Adding ONE more used pad/tampon to a very full public bathroom trash can...because you know it’s SOMEONE’S job to clean that out.

8. Or loading your own trash can up for the week with used tampons and pads and just letting the smell fill the air.

9. Peeing with a tampon in and bearing with a soaked string for the rest of the day.

10. Rinsing out your menstrual cup in the sink at work.

11. Or rinsing it out in a sink that literally anyone else uses.

12. Leaving your stained underwear in your sink to soak out in the bathroom sink at home...that you share with your S.O. (or roommates).

13. Using up practically half a roll of toilet paper each time you go to the bathroom during your period.

14. Getting period blood on your roommates’ soap/things in the shower.

15. Blood stains on towels.

16. Or just watching the blood float around on the bottom of the shower knowing someone else will step there.

17. Eating your roommates’ junk food because your uterus won’t let you NOT eat it.

18. Rushing out of the bathroom because your period diarrhea just made the air unbreathable.

19. And, finally, not feeling guilty enough to stop doing any of the above because, whatever, that’s life.