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19 Realities All Girls Who Played Ice Hockey Know To Be True

Play like a girl.

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1. You were usually the only girl at hockey camp.

3. Which didn't really matter, because you'd usually leave them in your dust anyway.

5. Though it turned out they still didn't save you from the occasional rocket puck.

8. Getting rid of that "hockey smell" is virtually impossible no matter how hard you try.

9. There are times when your going out look must accommodate your "just got off the rink" look.

10. A pair of skates is far more comfortable than a pair of heels.

11. Expressing yourself with socks is completely acceptable, in fact, encouraged.

12. Being able to do a split without anything "slamming down" is a major advantage.

14. No one will ever doubt your strength once they see you carrying a bag twice your size.

16. ... Seriously.

18. And you're never too young to start chasing those dreams...

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