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    17 Things All Unwed Couples Who've Been Together Forever Are Sick Of Hearing

    "Don't you want to get married?"

    1. "Why aren't you married yet?"

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    "Is there any answer that will make you happy?"

    2. "I can't believe you're not married yet."

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    "Er, sorry, I guess."

    3. "Wait, you've been together how long?!"

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    "Too long, apparently, according to you."

    4. "Are you going to get married?"

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    "Yes, no, I don't know?! Why are you asking me this?!"

    5. "Have you talked about it yet?"

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    "If by it you mean how bad Season 2 of True Detective was, then yeah!"

    6. "Are you afraid of getting married?"

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    "What I'm truly afraid of is what your next question is."

    7. "Don't you want to get married?"

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    "Right now, I just want this conversation to end."

    8. "Is it because your S.O. hasn't proposed?"

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    "There isn't always one reason why people aren't married, ya know."

    9. "You should propose!"

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    "I didn't realize you're my life planner!"

    10. "I don't think I could not get married after ___ years of dating."

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    "Well it's a good thing you're not us then."

    11. "Do you have commitment issues?"

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    "Nah. But I do have issues with this question!"

    12. "Don't you want to be settled down?"

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    "Feel like we already are, so..."

    13. "But you want a family, right?"

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    "Wow, you just actually asked that!"

    14. "Are you against marriage?"

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    "What I'm against is this line of questioning."

    15. "But a wedding would be so much fun!"

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    "If you're paying for it, sure!"

    16. "When I was your age, we were already married for ___ years."

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    17. And finally, "I can't wait until you guys get married!"

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    "I can't wait until this conversation is done!"

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