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17 Things Only American Students Studying In The UK Will Understand

An American in Britain.

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1. Getting used to being called a "first year" instead of a "freshman."

Warner Brothers

Makes sense, TBH.

2. well as saying "professor" instead of "teacher."

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3. Occasionally having trouble understanding what your professors say.

CNN / Via

Still sounds cute though.

4. Immediately taking advantage of the fact that you're legally able to drink.

Focus Features / Via

"Take my money!"

5. Trying to figure out what your GPA equivalent would be back home.

AMC / Via

"Well, I have an upper second, which is like...three point...oh, oh I have no idea."

6. Having to explain to everyone back home that you're at "university" not "college."

FX / Via


7. Being spoiled with a lot of amazing options outside of dining hall food...

Meal deals are a student's best friend.

8. well as after a long night of drinking.

"Goin' to the chippy!"

9. Not knowing what a "jumper" is when your roommate wants to borrow yours.

Picturehouse / Via

"Sure. I have lots of jumpers, I think."

10. Constantly fighting off the urge to travel through Europe instead of going to classes because, well, EasyJet!

"Beer money for a week or Italy for a weekend? Hmmm."
EasyJet / Via

"Beer money for a week or Italy for a weekend? Hmmm."

11. Being jealous of your friends back home who have cars, because you and almost all your friends do not.

Virgin / Via

No car insurance, at least?

12. In fact, never really driving for most of your college experience because the public transportation is so good there.

CBS Films / Via

"Waiting for the snack trolley..."

13. Realizing how inferior U.S. versions of your favorite magazines are.

"I'm on a student budget here, America, time to step it up."

14. Knowing about crazy new reality shows months before the American version is even created.

FremantleMedia / Via

Just as addicting on both sides of the Atlantic.

15. And feeling extra cool about loving British shows your friends back home have absolutely no idea about.

BBC / Via

"Hello pissface!"

16. Having to explain all the slang you picked up when you come home for the summer.

Paramount / Via


17. And finally, being very, very sad about the glorious discoveries you'll never be able to get again after you graduate.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

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