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    Make An Appointment With Your Dentist, Because This "Stranger Things 2" Fact Is Ridiculously Sweet

    It'll make your heart ~hop~ a beat.

    Juuuuuust in case you haven't watched ALL of Stranger Things 2 yet, I'm gonna go ahead and give you a quick warning:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Netflix

    But definitely come back later and read this when you HAVE caught up, because this is some serious cuteness you don't wanna miss.

    Now, for the rest of you who are as hungry as a Demodog for MORE Stranger Things stuff, let's take a moment to appreciate Hawkins' bachelor of the year Chief Jim Hopper.


    As if you haven't enough already. HA.

    So, remember in the last episode this season how Dr. Owens suggested Eleven be kept "hidden" for another year? And then Hop asked if she could have just ONE night out. (All while stress-eating...hi, relatable.)


    Basically, Hop knew how much the Snow Ball meant to El and he was clearly very excited to be able to bring her to it.

    Well, there's a really sweet detail that was actually cut from Hop's costume in the scene with Joyce below that shows just HOW excited he was to be able to bring El to the Snow Ball.


    As if anything could get any sweeter than these two.

    In an interview with Insider, David Harbour (who played Hop), explained:

    Someone (online) caught me in an off-camera thing and I have a tie on. The idea was perhaps that Hopper even puts on a tie for the first time in 20 years to bring his adopted daughter to this dance. So I think Hopper put a lot of effort and work into it.

    And here's the photo he's talking about:

    @DavidKHarbour what happened to your tie sir

    For comparison's sake, here's what Hop actually looked like in that scene (notice, NO TIE):


    Even more adorable, in response to the Twitter user's question ("What happened to your tie sir?"), Harbour explained that the idea was actually his own!

    Twitter: @DavidKHarbour

    As opposed to the Duffer Brothers'.

    TBH, I loooooove that idea behind Hop wearing a tie and KINDA wish they'd kept it?


    But, tie or no tie, it's clear Hop was pretttttyyyy happy about being there for his little girl — telekinetic tantrums and all — and that's all that matters!

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