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    17 Creepy, Disturbing, And Terrifying Things I Learned About This Month That I Really, Really, Really, Really Cannot Keep To Myself

    Just last month, a man in Florida secretly POISONED his neighbors with a toxic chemical agent because of a simple noise dispute...and they caught it all on a hidden security camera.

    1. In 2014, after being mistakenly pronounced dead, an older woman in Los Angeles was allegedly trapped in a hospital morgue, where she froze to death. According to HuffPost, "When workers went to retrieve the body of Maria de Jesus Arroyo, 80, she was found face down with injuries to her face caused when she tried to escape, according to a pathologist."

    The outside of White Memorial Medical Center in LA

    According to KCAL News, "An expert hired by the family told the judge Arroyo was actually alive in the hospital's freezer, eventually woke up due to the extreme cold, and ultimately froze to death." And a witness in the case said that she was found "with the body bag approximately half way open."

    Screenshot of Arroyo smiling

    2. Just last month, a chemistry student in Tampa, Florida, was caught on security footage "injecting [an] opioid chemical agent" under his neighbors' door and into their condo.

    Screenshot of a person kneeling in front of a door

    According to Unilad, the victims, Umar Abdullah and his wife, and their neighbor Xuming Li had "quarreled for months [over noise complaints]. Then Abdullah and his [pregnant] wife said they noticed that they had started to feel dizzy and nauseous in their [apartment], as well as vomiting."

    Screenshot of the apartment complex

    After having various professionals inspect their home for issues with the vents, water, and air conditioning, Abdullah finally installed a camera outside their front door. That's when he caught Li filling a syringe with liquid and injecting it under their front door.

    Abdullah checking a plant by his door

    The Unilad article continued, "Li has since been arrested by Tampa Police in connection with a number of felony charges. These include possession of a controlled substance. He is also facing a lawsuit from Abdullah for domestic violence, and the condo for breach of contract."

    A mugshot of Li seen in a TV screenshot

    3. In 2012, a statue of Jesus in a Catholic church in Mumbai, India, inexplicably started leaking water. Initially, people thought it was a miracle, and it inspired some believers to drink the water in hopes that it would cure their ailments.

    A statue of Jesus on a cross

    However, it was eventually discovered that the seeping water had actually been a result of clogged drain pipes behind the wall. turned out people were actually drinking sewage water the entire time.

    Close-up of Jesus's feet on the statue

    4. A man in Italy was actually crushed to death in August by thousands of wheels of cheese. According to NBC News, "Giacomo Chiapparini, 74, a local cheese producer, was in his warehouse tending to 15,000 cheese wheels when, all of a sudden, a 30-foot-high shelf holding the wheels, which weigh about 44 pounds, gave way. That created a domino effect that sent the massive wheels flying and ultimately burying their maker." The man was covered in so much cheese that it took many, many hours to unbury him, by which time it was too late.

    Many tall shelves of cheese wheels

    5. Back in 2015, some people in Chillicothe, Ohio, saw the body of a woman "hanging by her sleeve" on a fence, but they literally thought it was a Halloween decoration. It wasn't until construction workers came upon the crime scene that they realized the body was a real, dead person and not a Halloween prank.

    Overhead shot of the crime scene

    According to CBS News, "Law enforcement officials in the southern Ohio town of Chillicothe said Wednesday that 31-year-old Rebecca Cade was apparently in a fight, ran from her attacker, and got into a lot surrounded by a fence. Police say she apparently tried to climb the fence to get away, but her clothes got caught, trapping her [...] Officials say she was beaten to death."

    Overhead shot of the crime scene

    6. A Ohio woman, Marie Trainer, had to have her hands and legs amputated in 2019 after being licked by a dog. According to CNN, "Trainer contracted a rare infection from the bacteria capnocytophaga canimorsus, probably when her German shepherd puppy, Taylor, licked an open cut."

    The woman being pushed in a wheelchair in a hospital hallway

    7. This image of what is apparently "just" a blood egg but looks incredibly cursed, if you ask me:

    A cracked egg with lots of blood in the albumen

    8. A woman in Uzbekistan, Olga Leontyeva, died in July after being stuck in an elevator for three days. Leontyeva was apparently a mail carrier and making deliveries on one of her routes when the incident happened. According to reports, "Footage showed the moment Olga stepped into the lift on the ground floor of the nine-story building before the tragedy unfolded. Her family alerted the authorities on July 26, and her body was discovered lifeless the next day following an intense search."

    A close-up shot of an emergency button on an elevator

    9. In August, a woman in Los Angeles found a dead body in her 26-year-old son's room. According to KTLA, "A woman told officers that she entered her son’s room due to a gas smell, and when she went inside she found what appeared to be a body. Police said they found the victim, a female believed to be in her 20s, wrapped in plastic. She was pronounced dead at the scene."

    Overhead shot of the house

    The victim, Hannah Rachel Collins, was reportedly from Richmond, Mississippi. According to a family member, she had not been heard from since early August and had moved to Los Angeles in June. The identity of the 26-year-old suspect has not been released, and the case is still being investigated.

    Screenshot of a street scene showing the house

    10. A house mysteriously exploded in Plum, Pennsylvania, in August, killing six people in the process. The owner of the home, Paul Oravitz, died four days after the explosion after sustaining severe burns all over his body. His wife and four other people in the house that day also died.

    Screenshot of the explosion, seen from a neighbor's house

    In addition, the blast "destroyed three structures and damaged at least a dozen others," and a cause is still under investigation. However, according to CBS News, "crews discovered a pinhole-sized leak in a 4-inch gas gathering line that is a few hundred feet behind the homes near the tree line."

    11. A woman in Australia claimed that mushrooms she bought at two separate places — a grocery store and a supermarket — poisoned and killed her family members in July. According to CNN, "Erin Patterson served a home-cooked meal to former parents-in-law Don and Gail Patterson, Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson and Heather’s husband, Ian Wilkinson, who were guests at her home. Among the four relatives who came for lunch, three of them died with symptoms of 'death cap' mushroom poisoning, police said."

    Close-up of mushrooms growing

    The story continued, "Patterson claims she bought dried mushrooms from a grocer in Melbourne months ago and button mushrooms from a supermarket chain more recently. She said both sets of mushrooms were used in a beef wellington that she cooked and served in the family lunch." The investigation is ongoing.

    Screenshot of someone preparing mushrooms for eating

    12. In August, three people died (and three others were hospitalized) after drinking milkshakes that had been contaminated with listeria.

    "Sorry no shakes" sign

    "Investigators found the outbreak was linked to ice cream machines that were not cleaned properly at a Frugals restaurant [in Tacoma, Washington]," according to a release from the Washington State Department of Health.

    Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department sign outside a building

    13. These images of ceramic bowls covered in "weird white stuff" growing on them that someone actually ate out of. Apparently, the substance "smelled and tasted metallic" (and according to some Reddit commenters is literally mold).

    14. The existence of a tick called the Lone Star tick that can actually cause people to develop a dangerous (and potentially life-threatening) allergy to red meat called alpha-gal syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Lone Star tick is mainly located in the Southeastern and Eastern US.

    Close-up of a tick

    15. In 2009, a man in Russia went in for surgery to have part of his lung removed for what doctors believed was a tumor. However, when doctors took a closer look, they apparently found a 5-centimeter-long spruce inside his lung. The doctors believed that the man had accidentally inhaled a seed that then sprouted inside him.

    16. A human skull was found in a donation box at a Goodwill store in Arizona earlier this month. According to CBS News, "An employee called in the gruesome find because they feared it might be related to a criminal or missing-persons case. In a photo shared by the Goodyear Police Department, the skull is withered, with what appears to be a prosthetic blue eye attached to the right socket."

    Real human skull donated to Goodwill in a basket

    Authorities later determined that the skull was likely not related to a criminal case, and that although it was, in fact, a human skull, it appeared to be "historic, ancient and does not appear to have any forensic value at all."

    Screenshot of news segment showing the Goodwill store's entrance

    17. Finally, this skin-crawling video of sand fleas emerging from a beach:


    Sand fleas emerge from the sand to take water

    ♬ original sound - MV

    No. Thanks.

    Screenshots of sand fleas emerging from the sand