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    16 Reasons Wearing Sunscreen Is Completely Unnecessary

    Squamous cell carcinoma...never heard of her.

    1. Many people think sunscreen is important.

    2. That things like SPF really matter.

    3. That it'll help protect your back side.

    4. And your front side.

    5. But they're full of it, right?

    6. Because, first of all, putting on sunscreen is just too hard.

    7. And reapplying it?! No thanks.

    8. Putting on sunscreen is honestly just a waste of time and energy.

    9. And it feels gross on your skin.

    10. No one else wears it anyway, so why start?

    11. It's not like anything bad will happen if you don't wear sunscreen.

    12. Seriously. No consequences.

    13. It's not as though skin cancer is a real thing.

    14. Basal cell carcinoma is literally nothing to worry about.

    15. Squamous cell carcinoma? Never heard of her.

    16. Bottom line: Nothing bad ever happened to anyone who didn't wear sunscreen. Especially not a trip to the emergency room.


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