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    17 Struggles People With Bad Teeth Know To Be True

    Smile! If you can.

    1. The nightmarish torture of having braces...

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    2. ... Only for them to go crooked again as an adult.

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    Yeah, I know, should've worn my retainer more.

    3. Never being able to eat caramel or anything sticky that might pull out a crown.

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    4. Constantly being reminded of how crooked your teeth are when you eat.

    5. Having to visit the dentist twice as often as everyone else.

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    6. Only being able to use one specific brand of toothpaste.

    7. ... And never being able to find the travel size versions of your specific specialty brands.

    8. Having to brush your teeth after anything you eat...

    9. ... But no matter how well you brush and floss, you'll definitely still get cavities.

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    10. Living in constant fear of your teeth breaking.

    11. Going through the misery of periodic root canals.


    And often times more than once. :-(

    12. Having procedures that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    13. ... And constantly trying to figure out how to pay for them.

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    14. Knowing you'll have to deal with chipmunk cheeks on a semi-regular basis.

    15. Having to juggle a large variety of pain medications.

    16. Living life as best you can with a giant hole in your mouth until you can get a replacement.

    17. And feeling absolutely sick to your stomach after accidentally swallowing a crown.

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    Not only is it gross, you know this means you'll have to shell out more money to replace it.

    But after all the problems and procedures are done, you can finally walk out of the dentists' office knowing you have a beautiful smile... for now.

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