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17 Struggles People With Bad Teeth Know To Be True

Smile! If you can.

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4. Constantly being reminded of how crooked your teeth are when you eat.

6. Only being able to use one specific brand of toothpaste.

Which are usually more expensive.

7. ... And never being able to find the travel size versions of your specific specialty brands.

"There's a travel sized Wolverine, but no travel sized Sensodyne???"


8. Having to brush your teeth after anything you eat...

10. Living in constant fear of your teeth breaking.

Cracked tooth = not good things.


12. Having procedures that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

14. Knowing you'll have to deal with chipmunk cheeks on a semi-regular basis.

The swelling lasts for days on end post-surgery.

15. Having to juggle a large variety of pain medications.

16. Living life as best you can with a giant hole in your mouth until you can get a replacement.

"Hey Kanye, no tooth!"

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