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16 Struggles People With Food Allergies Will Understand

Nope, I can't even have a "little bit."

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1. First and foremost, you were trained to ALWAYS have an EpiPen at the ready...

"Allergy alert! Do not feed!"

2. ...And to keep plenty of Benadryl nearby for a backup.

Savior in a bottle!


6. And you stood by in horror as your mom explained your allergies to every teacher in front of the entire class.

11. Hundreds of hours were lost at the grocery store carefully reading every single ingredient on labels.


But will it kill me?


15. You've had to explain so many times that you’re not on some fad diet, you just literally cannot eat certain things.

But rest assured that the world is slowly coming to its senses and finding ways to help you, instead of trying to kill you.