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17 Struggles Anyone Whose Best Friend Lives In Another Country Will Understand

"What time is it there? Oh... you're still asleep."

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If you and your best friend live in totally different countries...

Crystal Ro for BuzzFeed're all too familiar with the hardships of not having them around.

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1. You have mild panic attacks when you get a text from them in the middle of the night.

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Even on vibrate.

2. And you ALWAYS feel responsible for taking their call no matter what state you're in.

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Awake or other.

3. Meanwhile, it feels like as soon as ~you~ need them, they're always unreachable.

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"It's been five minutes. WHERE ARE YOU?"

4. You constantly wonder if there's a new app that might help you both stay in touch better...

5. ...and if you do find a great chat app, half the time it doesn't work or even exist in your BFF's country.

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And vice versa.

6. Figuring out your schedules just to find a time to Skype often feels like a job in and of itself.

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"How about Friday night? No? Saturday morning? Or..."

7. Which makes it that much worse when one of you has to reschedule your Skype chat at the last minute.

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8. You have nightmares about waiting in line at the post office as your BFF's birthday approaches.

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Not to mention all the customs declaration forms you have to fill out.

9. And you'll wake up in a cold sweat if you forget to mail their gift out in time to reach them on their special day.

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"Can I afford the express shipping?!"

10. In all honesty, you probably spend way more money than you should sending snacks and gifts from your respective countries to each other.

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"Yeah, that's right, I just spent $10 mailing potato chips."

11. You feel really disappointed when they don't laugh at the ~great~ pop culture reference jokes you're making.

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'Cause, you know, they literally have no idea what you're talking about.

12. And occasionally, get frustrated when you try to vent about a local problem they have absolutely no frame of reference for.

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"Obama is in Los Angeles? That's nice... right?"

13. When you try to share your favorite shows with your BFF they almost always get blocked.

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"Sorry, this video is not available in your country. Try again in a few years...or never."

14. Planning a trip to see each other often requires months of saving up.

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And counting down, of course.

15. When your BFF does visit there is never enough time to show them all your favorite places.

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"I've literally created a schedule for while you're in town."

16. And jet lag often gets the better of them too, which eats into more fun time than either of you would like.

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"Need caffeine!"

17. By far though, the absolute worst part is when you have to say goodbye...again.

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So. Much. Crying.

But despite all the struggles, as far as you are from each other, you know your friendship is strong enough to last forever.

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