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Guys, We Finally Have A Premiere Date For “Stranger Things 2”

SO ready to return to the Upside Down.

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And they also shared this eerie and wonderful video that is giving me so many shivers I may need to lie down for a while.

Some doors can't be closed. #StrangerThings2 arrives on October 27.


Okay A) SCARY, but also B) YASSSSS — because this probably means Eleven will be reunited with her beloved Mike (although, DUH). Also, GOD, I've missed this wonderful music.


Icon Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown): "Some doors can't be closed."

Instagram: @milliebobbybrown

Mike (Finn Wolfhard): "There's something in the clouds!!"

Instagram: @finnwolfhardofficial

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin): "What's in the clouds...😳"

Instagram: @therealcalebmclaughlin

And finally, the always LOL-worthy Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo): "I'm just gonna leave this here."

Instagram: @gatenm123

So, we get it, guys, you want us to pay attention to the clouds. But are we just assuming that's a GIANT Demogorgon?!?!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Netflix

Like, is this a Mama Demogorgon? Also, what's it doing in the clouds?!