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How Did We Not Realize Bruno Mars Played The Kid Elvis Impersonator In “Honeymoon In Vegas”?

Can't help falling in love with this. h/t Pop Sugar.

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So, if you've ever seen the cult classic Honeymoon in Vegas, then you probably remember a lot of funny things like flying Elvises (Elvii?), Nicholas Cage being...well, Nicholas Cage, and Bruno Mars.

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::Whispers:: Even if you haven't seen the movie, don't worry, because you're still going to love this.


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Turns out, a (then) 6-year-old Bruno Mars – under the name "Bruno Hernandez" – only appeared in the 1992 film for a hot minute, but he played the world's littlest Elvis impersonator and it's as effing adorable as it sounds.

Check it out:

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Apparently, even before the film, Bruno had already been performing as Elvis in his dad's '50s rock 'n' roll review since he was 4 years old!

So, basically, he's been killing it on stage forever. Meanwhile, I was probably just sitting around picking my nose and watching cartoons when I was 4.

And here's a side-by-side for funsies:

This is just too much.
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This is just too much.

Okay. Gonna go re-watch this like 100 more times...BYE!

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