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    17 Interesting Facts About The Haunted Hotel Stephen King Stayed In When He Came Up With "The Shining"

    The Stanley Hotel is 110 years old and as creepy as you think it would be.

    The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is considered one of the most haunted places in America. It also served as the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining and Doctor Sleep.

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    Recently, BuzzFeed got a chance to checkout the hotel IRL and learn some fun, fascinating, and ~spooky~ facts about it...

    1. Stephen King and his wife Tabitha stayed here for just one night back in 1974.

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    King was working as a teacher in nearby Boulder at the time.

    2. And they were the only guests at the hotel the night they stayed as it was the end of the season.

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    The Stanley was not a year-round hotel until 1982.

    3. At the time of his visit, King was suffering from writer's block, alcoholism, and was a teacher at Boulder, Colorado.

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    Much like the main character of The Shining, Jack Torrance.

    4. The room the Kings stayed in was 217 — which, of course, is the infamous room number he wrote into The Shining.

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    The room was changed to 237 for the Kubrick movie, however.

    5. And inside Room 217 today you'll find a small bookcase full of King's books...

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    Some good bedtime reading!

    6. ...the claw foot tub that partially inspired King...

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    According to The Stephen King Companion, King pulled back the curtain on this tub and thought, "What if somebody died here?" He went on to say, "At that moment, I knew I had a book."

    7. ...and even a framed photo of King!

    Darren Leis / BuzzFeed

    The man in the photo with King is author Rocky Wood who wrote Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished. The picture was taken at the premiere of King's musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, which King had invited Wood to. Wood, who was also instrumental to King's Doctor Sleep, sadly died from complications of ALS in 2014.

    8. Also, the key for Room 217 is hung up backwards at the check-in desk.

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    9. After Tabitha went to bed, King went down to the bar for a drink and met the bartender whose name was Lloyd Delbert Grady — the inspiration for both "Lloyd" the bartender and previous caretaker "Delbert Grady" in The Shining, of course.

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    Today, the room is used as a banquet space and although the bar itself is longer there, you can still see the decorative mirror that was behind it.

    10. The story goes King slid a $20 bill across the table to Grady for a drink who responded, "Your money is no good here..."

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    The reason being he finished his till for the summer season and did not want to add extra money into it.

    11. ...So Grady offered King a glass of whiskey in exchange for a story.

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    King shared with Grady some personal ideas he had for books. Grady also shared his own personal stories about the hotel with King.

    12. Later that night, King had a nightmare about the fire-suppression pipe outside his room (which had a hose at the time).

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    In his nightmare, the hose chased his son and then wrapped itself around him and choked him like a boa constrictor.

    13. When King woke up from that nightmare he smoked a cigarette outside the balcony of his room to decompress.

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    When he finished that cigarette he had the beginning, middle, and end of The Shining in his head.

    14. If you want to stay in King's room, just know that 217 is usually booked out a year in advance.

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    But people do sometimes cancel, so it's always worth asking just in case!

    15. Room 217 was actually part of a larger Presidential suite that also included rooms 213, 215, and 219 as well.

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    There was even a gas leak explosion in this suite way back on June 25, 1911.

    16. There's a creepy tunnel and MASSIVE quartz rock under the hotel. The quartz is supposedly a conduit for "negative energy."

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    Room 217 — which is reportedly haunted — lies a couple floors above this massive rock, FYI.

    17. And finally, although Room 217 is meant to be very haunted, the fourth floor has actually had the most ghost sightings over the years.

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    Guests have reported everything from being "tucked in" at night to seeing a cowboy ghost, and hearing children run around.

    To #DareToGoBack yourself, be sure to checkout Doctor Sleep, which hits theaters today, Nov. 8!

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    The man in the photo with Stephen King was identified as author Rocky Wood (thanks to Dave Hinchberger of!) and this post has been updated to reflect that.