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    Mar 27, 2017

    This Lego Red Keep From “Game Of Thrones” Will Make You Say, “Holy Shit!”

    Don't worry, there are zero spoilers in this post, just greatness. h/t Laughing Squid

    What if I told you someone re-created the Red Keep from the Game of Thrones opening sequence entirely out of Legos? Like, it literally moves and spins and OMG.

    You'd probably say, "WHAT?"

    And then I'd say, "JUST LOOK AT THIS!":

    View this video on YouTube

    :: Picks jaw up off floor.::

    This insanely cool Lego Red Keep was created by talented builder Claus-Marc Hahn from BricksCreations.

    Beyond The Brick /

    The plastic Thrones masterpiece was made from 125,000 Lego pieces and used four EV3 motors – I'm not even going to pretend I know what that means, but it sounds fancy AF.

    And here's what it looks like next to the opening sequence in the show:

    HBO / Beyond The Brick /

    Ugh, WANT.

    HBO / Beyond The Brick /

    Now, the only question is, where do you store all the wildfire?


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