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    This "SNL" Leggings Commercial Will Make You Say, "Wow, Literally Me, Right Now"

    "Designed for endurance, but used mostly for sitting on the couch."

    If you've ever worn a pair of leggings, then you know just how friggin' comfortable they are, yes? So comfortable, in fact, that you probably wear them even when you're not, like, working out — which, FINE, I guess is what they're ~really~ supposed to be for.

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    Well, to poke fun at this fact, Saturday Night Live made a fake Nike Women's ad introducing "Nike Pro-Chiller Leggings." And, I'll be 110% honest with you here, when I saw it, I laughed and thought, "Damn, this is so true."

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    The skit starts out just like any other typical Nike ad, reinforcing how badass women are.

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    But then it quickly takes a funny left turn...

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    ...and reminds us that most of the time we wear leggings while just, um, hanging out.

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    Parting thought in the words of Kate McKinnon: "Women can do anything they want and I want to do nothing."

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    I mean, yeah, same.

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