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    21 Smells All Art Students Will Remember

    Just in it for the Monet.

    1. The intoxicating scent of oil paints on a fresh palette.

    2. The woody aroma inside a new tin of charcoal pencils.

    3. The ashy smell of charcoal crayon dust covering your sketch book.

    4. The sickening blend of metal, chemicals, and paint inside your Silicoil container.

    5. The pungent whiff of quick-drying Liquin mixed in with your paints.

    6. The bitter smell of linseed oil soaked into your canvas.

    7. The supposedly "odorless" chemical stank of Turpenoid you used to clean your brushes.

    8. The refreshing scent of mint and lanolin in The Masters Artist Soap.

    9. The clay-like smell of your colorful Conté crayons.

    10. The nauseating essence of egg tempera concoctions.

    11. The piney smell that emanated from your DIY canvas frame.

    12. The exhilarating scent of a freshly stretched canvas.

    13. The homey smell of antique easels inside the studio.

    14. The earthy essence that coated your hands while using a clay wheel.

    15. The chalky aroma from a thick coat of gesso.

    16. The oddly satisfying damp smell of paper covered in water colors.

    17. The pristine metallic odor from a container of X-Acto knives.

    18. The noxious fumes that escaped each time you opened a container of rubber cement.

    19. The fresh pulpy smell of an untouched pad of paper.

    20. The oily remnants of paint mixed with sweat after a hard day's work.

    21. And the sweet smell of success at the opening of your art show.

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