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31 People Who Were So Much Smarter Than Me In 2021, It's Embarrassing

*Takes all the notes*

1. Like this smart seamster who shared a simple, but genius hack:

2. And this handy person who has a head for good ideas:

3. This ingenious aunt we all could learn a thing from:

4. This clever cook who shared a neat trick:

5. The creative (and caring) person who came up with this:

6. The brilliant person who came up with this system:

7. And the one who came up with this fun addition, too:

8. The person who added these lights, and frankly, deserves a pat on the back:

9. The person who had the wisdom to design this:

10. This person's wife, who changed their life:

11. The smarty who added this design to a pasta box:

12. The kind and clever person who made this:

13. The retail store designer who had the wisdom to make this:

14. The designer who made a small, but helpful addition:

15. The clever person that designed this store to have different surfaces to "road test" strollers:

16. The smarty pants who designed this ruler to have cascading millimeter marks so it's easier to read:

17. The absolute genius who designed this shirt to have a lens cloth sewn in at the bottom:

18. This intelligent paper bag designer who just wants to help:

19. This super smart grandpa who sorted his extra sauce packets into a case:

20. Whoever designed these benches to be reversible so you can choose your view:

21. The person who incorporated kick buttons on these elevators:

22. The genius that designed this shirt with buttons on the inside as well to help prevent annoying boob-gap:

23. This mom who painted an outlet to blend in with its surroundings:

24. The person who designed this cheeky (but clever) business card:

25. The person who designed this umbrella to only show the logo when it rains:

26. The mastermind who created this pan with a thermochromic indicator to show if it is hot:

27. The person who had the idea to sort this furniture hardware by step rather than type:

28. The genius who came up with this:

29. The smarty who designed this spatula with a little stand: