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    13 Guides To Simple Life Hacks That Will Make You Think, "Wow, Glad I Know This Now"

    Time to use that bookmark!

    Everyone likes a good life hack, right? Well, here are a bunch of random ones that some kind souls decided to put into an easy-to-understand chart form. They cover all kinds of topics — from movie recommendations, to DIY hacks, and even cute animal guides. So, be sure to bookmark this for the future!

    1. Like this nicely categorized guide to "mind fuck" movies:

    2. This guide that anyone who uses the internet needs:

    3. This helpful guide for anyone who DOESN'T have a green thumb:

    4. This guide that literally all of us can appreciate:

    5. This guide that will encourage you to update your passwords:

    6. This guide that's helpful for the accident prone:

    7. This guide that explains just how glasses sizing works:

    8. This guide that makes me feel 100% smarter for knowing:

    9. This guide that's good for the outdoorsy:

    10. This guide that's helpful for anyone who isn't tech savvy:

    11. This guide that's good to know before getting inked:

    12. This useful guide in summertime:

    13. And finally, this guide that's honestly just super cute and interesting:

    H/T r/coolguides