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Sharon Stone Laughed For Literally 10 Seconds After Being Asked If She's Ever Dealt With Sexual Harassment

::watches on repeat::

If you're any kind of movie fan, then I probably don't need to explain to you who Sharon Stone is.

Stone recently sat down for an interview with the CBS Sunday Morning show and when asked if she'd ever experienced sexual harassment during her career, she gave a reaction only someone as legendary as herself could:

Cannot stop watching @sharonstone’s response to being asked whether she’s ever faced sexual harassment 🔥💯🔥

The specific question interviewer Lee Cowan asked Stone was, "Were you ever in a position like that? That you felt that you were uncomfortable?"

Yes, that is Sharon Stone literally laughing for 10 seconds.

And, TBH, loving how unapologetically self-aware Stone is, too.

Stone continued,

[I'm] from Nowhere, Pennsylvania, I didn't come here with any protection. I have seen it all.

You can check out Stone's entire interview here:

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