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    17 Things Only People Dating Or Married To A Snorer Will Understand

    "My wife got a Fitbit solely to prove how many times I wake her up in the middle of the night by snoring."

    1. Thinking, "Is this how it's ALWAYS going to be?" when you share a bed with a snorer for the first time.

    2. And then silently hoping, "Maybe it's just a one time thing."

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    3. Gently nudging the other person, HOPING they'll stop snoring...

    imaridel / Via

    4. ...and then, when that doesn't work, having to resort to more ~persuasive~ means.

    5. Constantly being WOKEN UP by the other person's snoring all night long.

    6. Or LOLing when the snoring person actually wakes THEMSELVES up.

    7. Recording your partner snoring on more than one occasion JUST to prove to them how loud (and funny) it is.

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    8. Wearing earplugs on more than one occasion even if they BARELY seem to help.

    pipsmith92 / Via

    9. If you're watching TV and they fall asleep before you, having to turn on the subtitles because you can't actually HEAR the dialogue.

    liz_getz / Via

    10. Looking at them in disbelief when they adamantly say, "What?! I DON'T SNORE!"

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    11. Actually sleeping in another room because the snoring was so bad.

    12. Googling "how to stop snoring" on more than one occasion.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Google

    13. Wondering if your partner has a much more ~serious~ problem (hello, sleep apnea?!).

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / productivewhiledoomed / Via

    14. And, if they do, trying not to giggle too much every time they get their ~contraptions~ on.

    thealanzo1971 / Via

    15. Having a small panic if your partner *stops breathing* for a moment or two between snores.

    16. Thinking to yourself, "How can someone so cute make noises so UN-cute!?"

    17. And finally, despite all the snoring... still loving your partner — ugly snoring and ALL!

    couture_jen / Via

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