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    Nov 27, 2017

    I Can't Stop Laughing Over The Cookiegorgon In This "Stranger Things"-"Sesame Street" Mashup

    The Snackside Down > The Upside Down

    If there's one problem with Stranger Things it's that there isn't nearly enough of it. (JK, this show is perfect.)

    Netflix / Via

    I mean, you can't possibly expect me to NOT binge watch each season in just a matter of days, right?

    And while we all wait for Stranger Things 3 to get here STAT, we now have this adorable AF Sesame Street parody to keep us occupied (for a bit, anyway):

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    Okay. So, first of all, the video stars the Cookiegorgon (DYING).

    Sesame Street / Via

    The Cookiegorgon has eaten everything in the Snackside Down (OMG) and is still hungry, although the story follows him learning to share. P.S. — Dying at his little petal/fin/face things!

    But some of your fav Stranger Things characters have been made into original Muppets too...

    Sesame Street / Via

    UM. SO CUTE?!?!?!

    ...while other famous Muppets have cameos as ST-inspired characters.

    Sesame Street / Via

    Slimey the Worm as Dart is MAYBE the best thing I've seen all week.

    Basically, the whole thing is ridiculously cute and perfect, just like both shows.

    Sesame Street / Via

    And now I just want to hang out in the Snackside Down with Barb.

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