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    Updated on May 17, 2019. Posted on Jul 9, 2018

    19 Phrases Only People Who Live In Los Angeles Would Ever Say

    "Be there in 5 minutes, I had to park like three blocks away."

    1. "I'm hiking up Runyon later, want to join?"

    brightnessofday / Via

    2. "This guy is hot and I want to date him, but he lives on the West side..."

    Crystal Ro / Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

    3. "Do you work in 'the industry?'"

    4. "Oh good, they have valet..."

    thecostcobear / Via

    5. "...I never park using valet."

    rachaelconley / Via

    6. "Be there in 5 minutes, I had to park like three blocks away."

    jimbaudino / Via

    7. "I once got stuck in The Grove parking lot for half an hour."

    paulacsamana / Via

    8. "Why are you walking? No one walks in LA."

    rob_mothershed_architect / Via

    9. "But is it a Ralph's Fresh Fare or a regular Ralph's?"

    socalrestaurantshow / Via

    10. "Here's what you do: get back on the 405 — never take Sepulveda, it's always slower — and then go all the way north until you get to the 101..."

    julzbyjulz / Via

    11. "Sorry, running late...they're filming a movie on Wilshire and have completely blocked traffic."

    larchmontbuzz / Via

    12. "There's a car chase on TV...gosh, I hope they get out the spike strips."

    dsmitchellart / Via

    13. "...and then the traffic suddenly cleared up. With NO explanation?!"

    bjakelawson / Via

    14. "All the hipsters live in Silver Lake..."

    mugup_porter / Via

    15. "...then they get old, have kids, and move to Eagle Rock or Highland Park."

    deebamf / Via

    16. "Oh, you HAVE to see a show at The's better than The Bowl."

    greek_theatre / Via

    17. "I was going to have brunch with my friend this weekend, but she wanted to meet in the Valley."

    Olive & Thyme / Via

    18. "It's freezing out!" (*Is literally 57 degrees out*)

    jokingoff / Via

    19. "Oh, man, I am overdue for a Vegas trip."

    elcortezlv / Via

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