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17 Horrifying Wikipedia Pages That Are For Adults Only

What was that noise?!?!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the scariest Wikipedia pages they’ve ever read. Here are the insomnia-inducing results.

Warning: Some images in this post are potentially disturbing. Continue at your own risk.

1. Fred and Rosemary West

2. Black-eyed children

3. Lizzie Borden

5. Ultimate fate of the universe

6. Joyce Vincent

7. Project MKUltra

8. List of unusual deaths

9. The disappearance of Maura Murray

10. June and Jennifer Gibson, aka "The Silent Twins"

11. The Hinterkaifeck murders

12. Armin Meiwes

13. The Villisca axe murders

14. Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

15. Charles Domery

16. David Parker Ray

17. Karl Patterson Schmidt

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