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    17 Wild Images Of Nature Being Very Unsettling And Totally Not Scary At All, Nope

    If you've never seen a hermit crab use a discarded doll head as a shell, well, you're about to.

    1. Like this hermit crab that decided to use a discarded doll head for a shell:

    A crab with its head inside a plastic doll head

    2. The sheer existence of this fungus known as "dead man's fingers," which, for obvious reasons, is nightmare fuel:

    fungus coming out from under a log that looks liek the shape of human toes with toenails

    3. This spider that not only made a ~killing~ for meal time but was also very organized about it:

    a spider in the center of its web that has hundreds of mosquitos caught in it

    4. The vines that decided to turn this lamp pole in Wrocław, Poland into something out of a horror film:

    A tall street lamp at night with long spindly vines growing up it appearing to make the lamp look like it has a head with long hair

    5. This log section of Pterocarpus angolensis, aka the Bloodwood tree, that looks like its bleeding (it's not, it's just the sap):

    a section of a cut tree log that has dripping sap that is dark red and resembles blood

    6. This lobster moth caterpillar, which would freak me the heck out if I saw it in IRL:

    A small caterpillar on the back of a chair that has s shell like body and long front arms

    7. This tree that looks like it has a baby growing out of it:

    A tree trunk with various bumps in the shape of almost liek a doll

    8. This alligator that's hidden so perfectly in the mud it makes me nervous about walking anywhere near mud again:

    An alligator blended in perfectly with the dried mud around it, by a swap edge

    9. This raccoon on a roof of a McDonald's that looks haunted AF and would make me think twice about getting a late night Big Mac:

    A raccoon on a roof next to a bag of mcdonald's with eyes glowing in the dark

    10. This nightmare-inducing image of a prehistoric parasite trying to escape from its host as it's drowning in amber:

    a flt with a worm coming out its bottom half all stuck in amber

    11. When this huge (I think???) spider and its offspring decided to take control of this tree:

    A large spider and dozens of its babies on the trunk of a tree

    12. This snake that's just casually covered in algae thus making it look like something out of a sci-fi movie:

    A snake in some water covered in long fringy green algae

    13. When allllll these alligators decided to look right at the camera and their eyes created a eerie effect:

    A river full of alligators whose eyes are reflecting from the camera flash

    14. This photo of a mosquito flying past the camera at just the right moment:

    A photo in the fog where the fly looks huge

    15. This tree that's growing up through a grave and totally not possessed:

    An old grave in the ground where the trunk of a thin tree is bursting through the stone

    16. And finally, this image of a Hammerhead Bat, also known as the Winged Moose, which, although is kinda cute, still doesn't make me want to come across one out in the wild:

    A large bat as big as a human's torso with a long face that has a wide snout making it look like a moose