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    23 Upsetting Images Of Food Being Served On Literally Everything But A Plate

    Platers gonna plate. H/T r/WeWantPlates

    1. This restaurant that serves a "palette-cleanser" on a mold of someone's teeth.

    Twitter: @chris_mandle

    That someone being THE OWNER, btw.

    2. This restaurant that brings out jelly on a maxi pad.

    eithnefitz / Via

    At least it's ~sanitary~?

    3. This restaurant that presents food (for humans) in an actual dog bowl.

    yorgee15 / Via

    Who's a good boy? You, apparently.

    4. This restaurant that serves, cream I guess?, on a flip-flop:

    hellooklara / Via

    Also, is that an effing "tooth" I see in the little jar?!

    5. This restaurant that brings out pork sandwiches on...OH MY GOD WHY?!?!

    cartshed / Via

    Hard pass, thanks.

    6. This eatery that presents its butter on a rock. A goddamn rock, folks.

    MeatNGrit / Via


    7. This restaurant that serves shots of soup in pumps.

    Twitter: @simonraess

    What the heel?

    8. This restaurant that delivers chicken tikka on a miniature staircase.

    Twitter: @philipotts

    Shout out to the chutney in the cupboard, too.

    9. This restaurant that brings shrimp out in an iron.

    Twitter: @Zahn0

    "I, uh, didn't think this is what you meant by 'cast iron.'"

    10. This restaurant that puts grilled chicken skewers...IN A JAR?!

    derwiin / Via

    Where to even begin?

    11. This restaurant that uses miniature bricks to hold salt, pepper, and chili flakes.

    12. This restaurant that presents carbonara on a shovel. Yes, a shovel.

    Chinlim15 / Via

    Oh, hey look, some perfectly good plates in the background.

    13. This restaurant that brings out chocolate pudding in an ashtray.

    kzmat / Via

    Complete with sesame "ash!"

    14. This restaurant that keeps bread that roadkill?!

    urdsrevenge / Via

    There's nothing I like more with my bread than fur.

    15. This restaurant that, for whatever reason, presents a single raspberry in a silver chicken foot.

    RroseSselavy / Via

    I have so many questions.

    16. This restaurant that offers up fried ravioli hanging from a clothesline.

    corkboy / Via

    Just, hangin' around with my lunch.

    17. This restaurant that serves a quesadilla in a friggin' sink...

    Twitter: @nvcatc

    Okay, technically it's on a plate IN a sink, but still begs the question, "WHY?!"

    18. ...and sliders on a skateboard?

    Twitter: @nvcatc

    Stop it.

    19. This restaurant that brings dumplings out in a mini shopping cart.

    virtual_pie / Via

    I mean, I guess it's cute?

    20. This restaurant that puts salad in a tin can and sauce in a syringe.

    Twitter: @soupykaur

    Am I sick?

    21. This restaurant that butchers the already butchered meat.

    GrudonFactory / Via


    22. This restaurant that serves a massive burger on a scale JUST to make you feel that much worse.

    Twitter: @DaveyWound

    Cool, thanks.

    23. And finally, this restaurant that serves steak on a fucking LAWNMOWER.

    skinatali / Via

    And they call it a "lawn moo-er." BYEEEEEEEEE.

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