26 Reasons Kids In New Hampshire Have It The Worst

    Live Free or whatever.

    1. There's absolutely no place they could have any fun.

    2. Or let their imaginations run wild.

    3. I mean, talk about a cold dose of reality here.

    4. It's not like there are any cool, old-timey rides for them to enjoy.

    5. There's literally no room for them to explore the world.

    6. Because it's obviously cramped and ugly.

    7. They'll never gain any sense of adventure.

    8. Or see a real, live animal.

    9. And if you dare take them on a road trip, they will see nothing beautiful at all.

    10. Plus, there's never a nice place to stay while on vacation.

    11. The lack of history is criminal.

    12. There's just absolutely none.

    13. And how will they ever be inspired without a good source of fine art?

    14. You can kiss your children's sports interests goodbye, too.

    15. Because athletics aren't a thing here.

    16. Your kids will pretty much be raised on genetically modified, sugar-coated food.

    Concord, NH and Cardigan Mountain Orchard in Alexandria, NH

    17. It's clearly impossible to find fresh, wholesome food.

    Lull Farm in Hollis, NH.

    18. There is nowhere outside of your house they will ever enjoy.

    19. But if they do step foot outside, they'll immediately want to come back inside.

    20. And lord knows where they could possibly get a good education.

    21. You'll never be able to explain the word "nostalgia" to them.

    22. And creating memories will be a serious chore.

    23. They'll never know what "a fun day at the beach" means.

    24. Or at the lake.

    25. And their sense of community will never develop.

    26. In fact, they will never, ever meet a single important person. Guaranteed.

    New Hampshire: A terrible place to raise kids.