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    We Went To Halloween Horror Nights To Rank All Of The Mazes And This Is What We Thought

    "Monsters in movies can be scary, but you know what's scarier? Real human people wearing masks, lunging at you with sharp weapons."

    Hi! We're Chris and Crystal and we love horror films (well, at least, Crystal does). And, because we also love a good scare, we decided to check out Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and rank all the mazes by both a scare and creativity factor!

    8. Terror Tram

    7. The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two (Truth or Dare and Unfriended)

    6. Poltergeist

    5. Trick 'r Treat

    4. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    3. Stranger Things

    2. The First Purge

    1. Universal Monsters

    Note: AMC's The Walking Dead was not included in this list because it is a permanent attraction at Universal Studios and, honestly, not that scary!