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    23 Random Facts I Am Willing To Bet Money You Did Not Know

    Pink grasshopper for the win!

    It's a great big world out there, and that means there's a lot of random, everyday things you DEFINITELY don't know about.

    So, here's a fun little look at some recent examples of random facts I bet you didn't know...

    1. Like, did you know that some McDonald's in Paris (and maybe beyond?!) use reusable containers?

    2. And did you know that in Nepal (and maybe other countries) the Pringles man has different expressions on the cans?

    3. Did you know that Fanta looks WILDLY different in the US vs UK?

    4. Okay, but did you know that this is what a yearbook looks like in a school for people who are blind?

    5. Did you know that many sodas in Mexico are labeled as "not for children"?

    6. Did you know blue stop signs actually exist?

    7. Did you know that in Peru (and other football/soccer-loving countries) you can find remotes with a specific soccer button?

    8. Did you know people actually make PIZZA in active volcano complexes? (Why not, right?)

    9. Did you know chickens can lay eggs that are not just white or brown but also green?

    10. Did you know that pink grasshoppers are a thing that actually exists?

    11. Or that dragonflies can grow to be HUMONGOUS?

    12. Did you know that Tokyo Disneyland still has a designated smoking area?

    (Disney banned smoking and vaping at their theme parks in California and Florida back in 2019, FWIW.)

    13. And did you know that this (on the left) is what a plant will eventually look like if you dump cigarettes on it?

    14. Did you know comedy actor Dr. Ken Jeong still practiced at a hospital as late as 2015?

    In case you're wondering, though, he doesn't practice anymore but he is still licensed in California.

    15. Did you know medical staff will sometimes literally just use spoons to collect specimens during surgery?

    16. Did you know some pet shops will not sell bunnies during Easter because people often carelessly buy/adopt them as gifts (that end up being returned) for the holiday?

    17. Did you know some dog toys have this funny and relatable message inside?

    18. Did you know the longest hallway in America is 907 feet long and is in Boca Raton Innovation Campus?

    For comparison's sake, as noted in the photo above, the Statue of Liberty is only 305 feet tall, the Gateway Arch 630 feet tall, and the Golden Gate Bridge, 746 feet tall.

    19. Did you know that Costco's hot dog combo has been the same price, $1.50, since 1984?

    20. And did you know this is what the backside of soda dispensers in restaurants look like?

    21. Did you know many libraries will actually rent out cake pans? (A genius idea, IMO.)

    22. Did you know 9gigs cost over $4,000 almost 20 years ago?

    23. And finally, did you know you can set your iPhone to take screenshots by tapping on the back? (It's true, I just tested it!)

    You can enable this cool feature under your settings and enable "back tap" on your phone to do it!

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting.