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    I Made The Iconic "Ramdon" From "Parasite" And In My Humble Opinion It Was Delicious As Heck

    Fun fact: "ramdon" is a made-up word. It's actually called "chapaguri."

    If you've been blessed enough to see Parasite, then I probably don't need to explain to you how amazing this Best Picture winner is.

    Now, being Korean, I was very proud of Parasite's success, but I was also very intrigued by some of the layered details in the film. And one of the biggest things that stood out to me was the entire "ramdon" scene.

    And much like the Kim family's mother (Chung-sook), I thought, "What the hell is ramdon?!"

    The dish that they make in Parasite is ACTUALLY called "jjapaguri" or "chapaguri." It's a popular Korean "quick food" made from combining instant noodles from the brand names "Chapagetti" and "Neoguri."

    However, unlike the film, chapaguri does not typically have steak added to it.

    I have eaten a lot of Chapagetti in my life, but I've never had chapaguri. So, I decided to make it...Parasite style! And you can, too. It's so easy, here's all you need:

    Here's how you make chapaguri — aka "ramdon" from Parasite:

    1. Chop steak into 1/2-inch cubes.

    2. Season steak with salt and pepper.

    3. Remove Chapagetti and Neoguri noodles from packaging.

    Here's what's in each seasoning packet, in case you're wondering:

    4. Fill a large pot with water, bring to a boil, then add noodles.

    5. Cook steak until medium to medium well.

    6. After the noodles have fully cooked, drain, leaving about half a cup of water in the pot. Then, add all the seasonings from all the packets.

    7. Add steak and mix well.

    8. Gloriously pour into a large-ass bowl.

    9. Enjoy!

    So, what did I think about trying chapaguri for the first time? It was delicious as heck!

    If you don't have a Korean grocery store nearby, you can get Chapagetti and Neoguri from Amazon.

    And if you haven't seen Parasite or want to again, it's available NOW on 4K Ultra HD Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD!