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    Posted on Jan 13, 2016

    17 QVC Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Quality, Value...Comedy.

    1. When Nick Chavez took a hair-raising tumble:

    QVC / Via

    "I fell on my booty!"

    2. When Joan Rivers thought she was helping, but:

    QVC / Via

    "Hi...hi Joan?"

    3. When a camera man quickly tried to fix a buggy situation:

    QVC / Via

    What the cameraman was thinking (probably): "And we're panning slowly and beautifully and...OH SHIT!"

    4. When this woman's touch was a touch too much:

    QVC / Via

    Her face pretty much says it all.

    5. When poor Chris went a step too far:

    QVC / Via

    "OK, we're gonna make sure that Chris is OK..."

    6. When this happened:

    QVC / Via

    Presenters: "Well, hi Kirsten?!"

    Kirsten: "Hi...bye."

    7. When this presenter went literally above and beyond:

    QVC / Via

    "Cut to another shot! Cut to another shot!"

    8. When this woman spun completely out of control:

    QVC / Via

    "I'm...oops, I'm gonna do THAT!"

    9. When this presenter completely lost the plot (and dust):

    QVC / Via

    Just one of those days...

    10. When this guy couldn't handle the pressure:

    QVC / Via

    On his lid anyway.

    11. When this excellent dad version of the moonwalk happened:

    QVC / Via

    "Alright, Jacque's next with Tuesday night beauty...owww!"

    12. When this woman couldn't get a grip on her Kindle:

    QVC / Via

    "And this one is built for..."

    Smashing on a hard floor, apparently.

    13. When this dude perfectly demonstrated how NOT to sit on this table:

    QVC / Via


    14. When this portable swingball game proved to be kinda dangerous:

    QVC / Via

    If you like your face, that is.

    15. When this woman tried to show how strong Bamboo really is:

    QVC / Via

    Or isn't, as it turns out.

    16. When this fruit infusion pitcher was less-than-agreeable:

    QVC / Via


    17. And finally, when this happened:

    QVC / Via


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