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    21 Quirks New Englanders Don’t Realize Are Actually Weird

    Dunkin' Donuts is better than Starbucks...and that's obvious.

    1. Preferring candlepin bowling over "regular" bowling.

    caiitlin_p / Via

    What is "candlepin" bowling, you ask? Basically, the pins and balls are smaller, which means it's a lot easier and A LOT more fun, duh.

    2. Calling these colorful toppings...

    mariposapixs / Via


    midgetgirl619 / Via


    3. Preferring Dunkin' over ~ahem~ other coffees.

    mochacups / Via

    Literally, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    4. Going to a furniture store NOT to actually buy furniture, but to see IMAX movies...

    jonnieking / Via

    Saturday night plans.

    5. ...or to play in GIANT obstacle courses....

    ctmommyblogger / Via

    "Recliners? I'm here for the rope swing!"

    6. ....and enjoy 4D MOTION rides.

    playingalltheway / Via

    "Mom, take me to MOM."

    7. Saying "wicked," like...A LOOOOOOT.

    anthollywood / Via

    It's wicked hahd to stahp.

    8. Growing up on a steady diet of Fluffernutters...

    pattiwelsh / Via


    9. ...and whoopie pies.

    mainemunchies / Via

    Double yum.

    10. Drinking water from "bubblers."

    andy92100 / Via

    I mean, they kinda bubble water out, right? IDK.

    11. Calling a delicious submarine sandwich like this...

    hudsonstreetdeli / Via

    ...a "grinder."

    nojokesmokeshosh / Via

    Still delicious tho.

    12. Wearing L.L.Bean boots pretty much nonstop from September to March.

    courtcdavis / Via

    Literally half the year.

    13. And then making it a point to take a photo with the GIANT version of your favorite shoe.

    mariya_nik / Via


    14. Incorporating maple into EVERYTHING.

    devincustalow / Via

    Maple donut, maple sausage, maple coffee...I could go on forever.

    15. Waiting in ridiculously long lines to prep for a blizzard.

    iceguardian1 / Via

    Shaw's has got your back.

    16. Defining Moxie as a drink, not an ~old-timey~ word.

    abby_rach / Via

    17. Driving to a specific state JUST for the tax-free shopping.

    lazylizaa / Via

    Or if you live in NH already, HATING shopping everywhere else!

    18. Knowing at least ONE person obsessed with Vineyard Vines.

    ewk221 / Via

    I mean, they ARE cute.

    19. Thinking Hellman's mayo is superior to Best Foods mayo.

    ::Whispers:: "Because it is."

    20. Remembering when this was THE go-to pharmacy.

    newyork_pix / Via


    21. And finally, having an unhealthy obsession with Tom Brady.

    Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

    Which is totally 100% fine because, well, it's Tom Brady.