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    21 Quirks New Englanders Don’t Realize Are Actually Weird

    Dunkin' Donuts is better than Starbucks...and that's obvious.

    1. Preferring candlepin bowling over "regular" bowling.

    2. Calling these colorful toppings...


    3. Preferring Dunkin' over ~ahem~ other coffees.

    4. Going to a furniture store NOT to actually buy furniture, but to see IMAX movies...

    5. ...or to play in GIANT obstacle courses....

    6. ....and enjoy 4D MOTION rides.

    7. Saying "wicked," like...A LOOOOOOT.

    8. Growing up on a steady diet of Fluffernutters...

    9. ...and whoopie pies.

    10. Drinking water from "bubblers."

    11. Calling a delicious submarine sandwich like this...

    ...a "grinder."

    12. Wearing L.L.Bean boots pretty much nonstop from September to March.

    13. And then making it a point to take a photo with the GIANT version of your favorite shoe.

    14. Incorporating maple into EVERYTHING.

    15. Waiting in ridiculously long lines to prep for a blizzard.

    16. Defining Moxie as a drink, not an ~old-timey~ word.

    17. Driving to a specific state JUST for the tax-free shopping.

    18. Knowing at least ONE person obsessed with Vineyard Vines.

    19. Thinking Hellman's mayo is superior to Best Foods mayo.

    20. Remembering when this was THE go-to pharmacy.

    21. And finally, having an unhealthy obsession with Tom Brady.